A judgement-free approach to Unstuffing your life

!What Would Life Be WITHOUT It?

What Would Life Be WITHOUT It? 

I will never ever tell you to get rid of a spare tire, your phone charger, or a fire extinguisher.



There are plenty of things in life that you really NEED. However, have you stopped and asked yourself, what would life be like without this?

What if, instead, you had space to breathe?

My assistant moved here four years ago and recently decided to clear out her linen closets. (Inspired by this video of course!) Imagine her dismay to discover that the reason her linen closet was stuffed to the brim was due to flannel sheet sets. One for each bed. There really isn’t a need for flannel in Florida.

Yeah, pretty much doesn’t snow here.

It was surprisingly hard for her to part with them. They represented the dream of living in Colorado again. However, it’s not looking like that day will ever come. It’s time to part with them. They are holding her back.


Another good example is a client that declared she couldn’t part with her rice cooker. She made rice three times a week and needed it, but she’d hired me to help her get her cluttered kitchen under control. I pointed out that a saucepan would make rice and asked her to imagine what her kitchen would be like with out it. She went so far as to put the rice cooker in the garage to give it a try.

After a week of using the saucepan, she was more than ready to let go. “The saucepan makes rice just as fast and is easier to clean. I thought I was saving time with the rice cooker.” Excited, I went ahead and took that rice cooker with me that day to donate. She’s now enjoying an uncluttered kitchen counter and faster rice.


Now it’s your turn.

Put your beautiful brain to work. Imagine, what would it be like WITHOUT? Can you borrow it? Rent it? Do without it completely?

You might surprise yourself.

Tell me what you’ve discovered in the comments.

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