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Organizing for Humans that Need to SEE Things

Organizing for Humans that Need to SEE Things

I love personality tests. Whether it’s the ENFP, INFJ or whatever (find that test here) Or just a quiz in cosmo I take all of them! I tell myself it’s because I get a deeper understanding of self but they’re just fun.



Along with personality tests there are also learning styles. Visual, Auditory, and Kinetic. We’re all a combination of these.

Visual means you learn best with colors and diagrams. Pictures, Videos, seeing it for yourself. Typically readers.

Auditory learners need to hear it. Out loud. Even better when it’s in your own voice. Audio books and videos, lectures, and talking to yourself.

Kinetic is a full body learning. Learn by doing.

We’re all a combination, a beautiful mix that’s quite personal.

I love colorful post it notes and tend to leave my stuff out in piles. So I can see them because I really am an “out of sight, out of mind kind a girl”. I learned in college that if I study on a treadmill with color coded notes I get the best grades. It’s my personal combination of kinetic learning with visual learning.

As you create your office space, using these tools of personality and learning styles can help you create a space that really works for you!

In this post we’re going to focus in on Visual learners. Those of us who need to SEE what we’re doing. I suspect we’re the messiest or at least have the potential to be the messiest. We need to SEE. Otherwise the project simply doesn’t get done.

White boards are your friend!

Use a large frame and write on the glass, or a traditional white board.

Consider putting things on the walls more than in drawers and filing cabinets. Hanging files like these:

will help you see what you’re focused on.

Over the door organizers with clear pockets will help you sort like with like and give you a chance to have all the tiny things sorted. Consider using post it notes with your calendar, along with colored markers!


Sit in your space and ask yourself what you need. Inspiring pictures, goal posters, to-do lists, and other visuals within eye shot of your desk. Plan on making the room your filing system, not your drawers.

The challenge of a visual learner is then to keep all of the items your working on, tidy. Not just in piles or thrown about your desk. Using pretty containers only works if they aren’t stuffed with every pen you own.

Which requires you to put finished projects AWAY. To throw out excess. To keep extras out of sight.

Challenging I know.

However, putting just these simple tips into place, will immediately help you become more productive!

Let us know which tip you like best! We’re here to help.

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