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Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is for the BRAVE. They present a whole new adventure. traveling with kids

Kids come with extra details that you must absolutely pay attention to! I learned this the hard way….. Trust me when I say the story is too much for your delicate hearing. Plus if I told you we’d all need drinks and we’re trying to stay sober for this, pay attention….


They need diapers, wipes, strollers, toys, the pack n play, a mommy strap on sling thingy, a car seat, or do they? While it’s true you don’t want to get caught without the diapers and wipes there are still ways around this.

Diapers and Wipes are available all over the world. You can buy them anywhere. You don’t have to pack a month’s worth in your suitcase. If you’re visiting family you can easily ship to them from Amazon. Or ask them to go to the store in advance of your arrival. (send them a picture of what you need along with instructions)

This goes for formula and all other forms of baby food. Snacks too. Ship them or buy them there.


traveling with kids


Many of the above tips apply which is great for you. Those are pretty great tips. Consider packing clothes that you’re not going to bring home. They outgrow things so fast, it’s not worth the trouble of saving sometimes.

Be sure to check out rentals. Car seats, strollers, pack n plays, toys and more can be rented the world over.

Preschool. Grade School. Teenagers.

Head phones, chargers, deodorant. Do not forget these. I realize that you can technically purchase headphones, chargers and deodorant anywhere but this is a tragedy right up there with running out of diapers and wipes. You just don’t go there.

Never underestimate the power of crayons. It’s a traveling tradition to color or play i-spy. Even adults have been known to enjoy these. traveling with kids

No matter where you are going the most important things to bring when you travel with children of any age, is a good sense of humor and flexibility. You can rule the world with those.

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