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Organizing for Humans that Need to SEE Things

I love personality tests. Whether it's the ENFP, INFJ or whatever (find that test here) Or just a quiz in cosmo I take all of them! I tell myself it's because I get a deeper understanding of self but they're just fun.

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Create Your Office with JOY not Clutter!

Author: Ruth Zeman

Consider this, your space is a reflection of you. Especially your workspaces. If you had to describe your space using a feeling, would you go to JOY? Or would you perhaps head straight to depressing, overwhelming, boring?

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Create Your Office with DIY Solutions!


Do it yourself or DIY, I just love these words. My inner toddler screams in delight, "Yes! I can do it!". Giddy with power I dive into DIY projects. Many of them are a thing of beautiful. Just many, not all. Some are less than spectacular.

Today's are not less, in fact today's offerings are brilliant!

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