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A Year After The PULSE Shooting

A Year After The Pulse Shooting


I would like to comfort you with promises that nothing as horrible as the Pulse Shooting will happen again but I can’t. The world is filled with people who make mistakes. Filled with hopes and dreams that never see the light of day. pusle

 “We make the world what we want it to be. From tragedy we can rise and do purposeful good and spread joy as retaliation against ignorance and hate. This is our best weapon.”

Love is our best chance at change.

Love is what we’re learning in Orlando. You see it in yard signs. You feel it in the communities. While PUSLE was a tragedy of epic proportions I’m proud to be apart of this community. I’m proud to watch it pull together and learn to be good to one another.

I’m so grateful that we have taken these lessons into our hearts and learned love. You see terrible things happening all over the world. Pictures create memorials that turn into weird little spots that mark a loss. Not so for us. Orlando has bloomed.pusle

Art to honor has been created, see it at the downtown Library.

People are paying more attention to how they treat others who are different than themselves. More smiles, more meals for the homeless, more tolerance. Thanks in part part to the Acts of Love and Kindness program through One Orlando Alliance.

I’m incredibly proud to be part of a community that’s choosing to return evil with good. Choosing to embrace those who were outcasts. Choosing love. That’s not something you hear every day.

Join us. Be a part of Orlando’s movement to show acts of love and kindness.  Linked below is a picture created by One Orlando Alliance. They asked the parents of those lost how they would like to see love given. It’s a beautiful list.


Also, at the bottom of this post I have added my own list.

My list I will refer to and add to as I honor this and every other loss in my own life and tragedy driven by hate in the world. Today I honor Pulse by doing at least 49 things on this list AND recognizing 49 loving acts that occur around me. From the gentleman at the grocery store who moved his groceries up and put down the divider so I could put my basket down to the beautiful posts on Facebook sharing love. Each time I see an act of love I send a thank you up to the heavens today.

I see things I can do literally every single day. Join me, let’s smile more. Let’s spread love. Let’s fight back against the darkness of the day with love and light.

We don’t have to tolerate evil.

We can purposefully do good and spread joy.

Head over to www.oneorlandoalliance.com to volunteer, to see how you can join in. Together we CAN make the world a better place.



49+ Easy Ways To Show Love Today and Every Day

Simple acts that take little or no time or money


  • Let someone in while in traffic
  • Smile at someone

  • Bring an empty cart back into the store as you go in
  • Say thank you to someone
  • Call someone (especially an elderly or homebound person) just to say hi
  • Tell someone else about these ideas so they can do them too
  • Text someone to let them know you love them or are thinking of them
  • Pay for the person’s coffee behind you at a coffee shop
  • Buy a small gift card to give to a random person
  • Talk to a homeless person and listen to their story
  • Tell someone they are doing a great job
  • Wave at someone

  • Give a hug
  • Send a thank you or thinking of you note by regular mail
  • Pray for someone
  • Donate to a charitypulse
  • Hold the door for a stranger
  • Let someone else have a closer parking space
  • Bring your neighbor’s trash cans up and put them away

  • Make someone laugh
  • Share a happy thought or quote on social media
  • Leave an extra tip in a tip jar
  • Leave a note for someone to tell them they’re awesome
  • Pick up a piece of trash
  • Buy some food and give it to the first hungry homeless person you see
  • Call your parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.
  • Pet someone’s dog (ask first)
  • Tell someone their baby is beautiful, fun, has a cute outfit – whatever is true and kind
  • Wish someone a good day

  • Talk to someone while waiting in line
  • Drop off donations to a charity
  • Offer to help someone homebound by running an errand
  • Surprise someone with a little gift (something tiny that they may like – gum, a flower, etc.)
  • Call or text someone who has lost a loved one and share a memory of their loved one with them
  • Send someone an old, happy photo of themselves
  • Share a post on social media that encourages others to do goodpulse
  • Sing a song out loud where other people can hear
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Dance with someone

  • Forgive someone
  • Let go of one item from your home that has a negative memory attached to it
  • Leave a nice note on someone’s car
  • Speak up for someone
  • Tell a coworker they’re doing a great job
  • Bring someone a coffee
  • Be silly in a fun way so people who see it will smile
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Thank a public service worker (trash man, police officer, postman, etc.)
  • Hold someone you love even tighter today and be thankful for their safety and health
  • Share this post on Facebook to keep the love going





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