A judgement-free approach to Unstuffing your life

Buy Yourself More Time

Buy Yourself More Time

Wishing you had more time? Know that with just a little more time you could finish all those projects? Need to have more room in your house to breathe? I’m guessing yes.

We all have dreams.

more timeDestinations we know we can arrive at if we just had a little more time to get there. 

Consider this, Sally makes $60 an hour as a bookkeeper working from home. She averages 6 hours of work each day yet she is also constantly catching herself multitasking items like laundry, dishes, meals. Which is turning her 6 hours of work into four but it takes her 8hrs to get there.

Sound familiar?

Six hours of uninterrupted work billed at $60 is $360 a day.  Yet she’s only billing for the four hours completed, $240 a day. Spread this over the week. She could be making $360×5= 1800 a week but is making $1200 driving herself crazy.

She needs help. Someone to come in and do the laundry, put it away, do the dishes, put them away, keep her systems of organization tidy. Let’s say she pays someone $40 an hour four days a week for this. $40×4=160.  This allows her to make $1800-160=1640 a week. A full $440 more in less time. Simply because she hired out the tasks that were distractions.

Not only does Sally now have the ability to get her work accomplishment without pesky tasks but because her help is keeping her systems of organization, she’s able to function in a space that brings her joy. Instead of the feelings of overwhelmed and unfinished, we all feel around clutter.

In a magical fairytale, this story would continue with a handsome increase in business resulting in an increased wage. More help, less clutter made Sally so happy she naturally dropped down to her perfect weight without dieting.

Ironically that’s really not so far fetched.

Studies are showing that clutter can contribute to weight gain and happiness can contribute to weight loss. Who knew?

So the real question is, are you, Sally? Do you need just a little more uninterrupted time to be the amazing business woman you know you are? Are you multitasking throughout your day to do pesky chores anyone could do?


Buy yourself more time.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

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