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Increase Energy Levels At Work


We all slump at work. It happens. Sometimes it's the weather, I don't know about you but grey days make me want to curl up with a good book in bed, not be productive. Whatever the reason, here's Suzanna Kaye, with some great tips to increase your energy and get more work done!

Suzanna Kaye is a professional organizer and owner of Spark! Organizing, LLC.

Drinking more water and moving really are magical. 

Did you think you just needed to put a straw in your coffee pot right? Just so you know the straw can melt if it's too hot. Not that I've ever resorted to that. I see many of my younger peers turning to Red Bull and other energy drinks and I'd like to caution that those are extremely bad for your health. Not only are they highly addictive but they cause a cascade of health problems that will make a person miserable. 

Evaluating if your energy is down because you're procrastinating a project is another something to consider. I blogged about how procrastinating can be your brain actually helping you. Check that out HERE.

What tip was new to you? Tell me in the comments. 

suzanna kaye, florida organizer

She has special experience with organization for office, financial, ADD/ADHD, elderly, disabled, overwhelmed and special needs. With the belief that cluttered people are some of the most creative and interesting people she knows, she loves working with her clients in a supportive and loving environment.

For more information about Suzanna visit our about us page, email info@SparkOrganizing.com or call 321-234-5499


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