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A Different Kind of Hurricane Preparedness – Mental Preparedness

hurricaneA Different Kind of Hurricane Preparedness

 Mental Preparedness

Lists of what to stock for a hurricane are available on your counties website. Most States have an Emergency Preparedness Website specific to your area. Most of those sites, start with telling you to prepare months in advance. If not years.

Five days out from a hurricane you don’t want to hear, “Starting months in advance….”

That’s just overwhelming.


Yet, here we are. Running to the store to buy water wondering, “Do I need three bottles per person per day or was it three gallons?” Only to discover that all of American shops exactly where you shop and there’s no water.

At this point you can literally reach out and feel the panicked crazy in the air.

This is no way to face an emergency.hurricane

What now? How do we get our emotions under control? How do we handle things too big to handle? Why would an organizer even try to give this kind of advice?

Believe it or not, organizing is so much more than sorting like with like and making you throw stuff away. It’s about knowing people. Helping us come up with systems that give our lives order. It’s about finding calm.

First though, let’s talk about like with like.

Hurricanes are not the same. They each have their own personality. Don’t just assume that it’s going to behave like the last one. Harvey is not Irma or Charley. Irma might follow Donna or Matthew but it’s unknown until it’s over.

However, now is an excellent time to look at facts.

FACT: Orlando has survived many many times.

FACT: Texas soil is not Florida soil. We can’t assume flooding will react the same.

FACT: We are in charge of our own personal crazy. We can control this.

In the same way a cluttered space can make you feel crazy, surrounding yourself with people upset can make you feel crazy. Empathy is a good thing but let’s take a minute to focus on truths and not wild assumptions. It’s close to the same process we use to sort trash from our good stuff.

I know you can do this. You’re a smart cookie. After all, you live in Florida. A gorgeous place, filled with wonderful people and lots of sunshine. You’re smart enough to know not to stay if evacuated but how to prep if you’re bunkering down.

I believe in you.

Know that you’re not alone. We’re in this together.



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