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House Elves are REAL! CALL today to get yours!

House Elves are REAL! CALL today to get yours! 

Spark Organizing has heard the same stories. Stories of elves that make shoes, increasing business productivity while the owners slept. Then the stories about house elves that did little chores making life easy.  Our hearts went pitter-patter and we all WANTED.

Searching high and low, in closets, in homes all across Florida, we came up short. Sadness fell upon our faces. But then, Suzanna Kaye, founder of Spark Organizing realized she did in fact know some house elves.

Being an organizing genius she instantly realized that she in fact, had the solution!

Thus a NEW SERVICE was born! Maintenance Service! 

Not a cleaning service but help in those annoying little tasks. Simple things that you’re just never getting too. Such as opening and filing mail. You know where the mail goes, you know you’re supposed to open it but at the end of a long day….. it just doesn’t seem to happen. We all do it.

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Now you can get someone else to do it!

Genius, right?

But there’s more…. and I’m really not trying to sound like a used car salesman here but you’re gonna want to hear this too! This new service is for short projects as much as for everyday little things. Getting home from a long vacation? Wish you had help getting the bags out of the car and put away properly? Yes! This too!

Or maybe you’re too busy for a vacation? You’ve been at your desk for years now and just can’t seem to get to organizing your contacts list. You need to put them into your phone, sort them, contact some to make sure the numbers are still good…. YES!! that too!!

It’s so exciting.

Think about it, this is your chance to get out from under piles. To get back on track because you’re super efficient and smart. How smart of you.

Don’t wait, call today! Get yourself a house elf. Be the envy of all!


or email info@sparkorganizing.com

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