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A judgement-free approach to Unstuffing your life

365 Project

An email a day, every day, all year.

Each Month we will tackle just one project, one space. Kitchens, Home Offices, Closets, etc…. for example, in February we’ll be tackling the bedroom and master closets. After all, it’s a month for romance! You’ll feel more refreshed if you’re not looking at piles of bills or laundry.

Nothing overwhelming. Not even for your pocketbook!

For less than a gas station coffee, you’ll get professional help organizing your spaces.

Step by step encouragement that is non-judgmental.

Currently:  ON SALE / $47.00 annually

This sale is a special limited time offer – before we launch our private facebook group. Which will be included in our next round of offerings. By acting now you’re locking in the lowest price. 



Once you’ve ordered you’ll receive links to download your Welcome Letter and Action File. The Welcome Letter contains all the supplies you’ll need for the entire journey and the Action File is your first task-making sure that you’re off to the best start possible!