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A Wandering Tidy

A Wandering Tidy

There is a way to have a clean house that doesn't require spending every weekend cleaning. It doesn't require training your family or hiring help either. It's a wandering tidy.

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Be Grateful for Procrastinating? YES!!

We all do it. Procrastinating is almost an American art form. I’m sure college students are wishing it’s a class they could actually avoid for credit.  Continue reading

increase energy

Increase Energy Levels At Work

We all slump at work. It happens. Sometimes it's the weather, I don't know about you but grey days make me want to curl up with a good book in bed, not be productive. Whatever the reason, here's Suzanna Kaye, with some great tips to increase your energy and get more work done!

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Top Books, Podcasts, & Tools I loved in 2017

2017 was a wonderful year for Spark Organizing and the Change Makers! We learned, we created, we laughed, we cried. Through it all we used cool tools, online resources, and read books. Here are our favorites! 

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You are the Keeper of the Magic.

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Avoid Clutter and Refresh Your Space!

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Fully Experience the JOY of the SEASON!

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Let’s Get REAL about Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Let’s Get REAL about

Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Seriously, we need to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
’Tis the season to shop! And, if you think I’m about to tell you not to shop – I’m not. I give you permission to shop as much as you want!! (I know – I will be kicked out of the Professional Organizer Club for this one. Totally worth it.)Black Friday
BUT….. (you knew this was coming)……

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Time Management: Tools We Love at Spark!

Time Management:

Tools We Love at Spark!

Last week I shared with you tips and time management tools I love for productivity that I consider, basics. If you missed it, catch up here. 

I’ve mentioned a ton of tips and the point isn’t to use them all. It’s about finding solutions that work for you! So please don’t let all these tips and tools overwhelm you. They really aren’t meant to be used by one person in one day but rather tools you can pick and choose from to be your best you. Continue reading

Time Management: The Best of the Basics!

Time Management:

The Best of the Basics

Step ONE

Do the biggest nastiest task first. Eat that frog! Continue reading