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Let’s Get REAL about Black Friday and Cyber Monday!



 Seriously, we need to talk about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
’Tis the season to shop! And, if you think I’m about to tell you not to shop - I’m not. I give you permission to shop as much as you want!! (I know - I will be kicked out of the Professional Organizer Club for this one. Totally worth it.)

BUT….. (you knew this was coming)……

Set the intention to shop intentionally.  

What does this mean? Basically, don’t buy things just to buy things. I know, it's so super tempting. Especially on Black FRIDAY!!! All those great prices on new stuff. Fancy stuff that you'd not normally even think of buying. However, that shopping high often fades as soon as we get home and put away the things we bought, and can often lead instead to guilt in the long run.
black friday


So here are some ways to shop intentionally:


- Have a list!

Even if it’s a fun shopping day you can still shop off a list. Have a general idea of the things that would be useful to you. For example, maybe you would like a new photo frame for your wedding photo. Or, when you decorated you realized you didn’t have any seasonal pet food bowls. Possibly your favorite hair towel has too many holes and you need a new one. Add these types of things to the list. And only buy things from the list - leave the rest in the store.
This is a great way to upgrade items around the house or add needed pieces instead of buying simply because it’s pretty or fun. (BTW, this list can be kept year-round - a great way to remember useful things for these times!)
If you need a tad more inspiration to stick to your list, make it a game. Get some accountability by taking a picture of your list and sending it to a friend. Have her do the same with her list and the loser buys dinner.

- Take a picture.

Sometimes an item is so pretty, cute, fun, unique, etc that we have a hard time not buying it. Take a picture instead and leave the item on the store shelf for someone else to ooh and ah over as well. Trust that there are many fun items you’ll come across in life and you don’t need to own them to enjoy them. If you still remember it and really want it the next day you can then return and purchase it.
Most items we forget once we’ve left the store. You could also send the pic to a loved one with a prompt to get it for you.... Plus, while I know Black Friday sales are special, it's okay to spend a few more dollars on something you truly want.

- Bring cash.

To avoid overspending, bring only the amount of cash you budgeted to spend and leave the credit cards at home. This makes you HARDCORE and worthy of any ice cream flavor you want. Cause you're a BOSS.

- Ask yourself if you need it or just want it?

Choosing different language takes away some of the impulse to buy. Sneaky, but oh-so-good. Black Friday does make this question hard, but I have faith in you.

- Buy only gifts.

If you want to go shopping but not add to the clutter, be on a mission to only buy gifts for others. This way it doesn’t add to the clutter of your home, and you get your holiday shopping done.
(Just make sure not to overbuy for others as well!!)black friday
Armed with these tips you are now semi-safe to go forth and Black Friday or Cyber Monday responsibly. For some stores you might consider body armor but .....
Enjoy Black Friday and shop with purpose!!


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