A judgement-free approach to Unstuffing your life

365 Project | Smile more and LOVE your home!

So how does it work?

An Email A Day

You'll start each week with Gratitude! Mondays are a day to rest, re-focus, review accomplishments, and if need be catch up. Tuesdays and Thursdays have an easy 15-minute organizing task.

Wednesdays are our concept days - or as we like to call them - Brain Days! Learn concepts of organizing to better understand the why and how of it all. (As in-depth as you would find in an organizing book.) This will help you organize in other areas of your home, keep up with your new organization, change or build new habits and increase your productivity without burdening your busy week. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday contain larger projects that increase impact yet shouldn't take more than a 1hr. You'll feel charged and refreshed, just like your spaces! 

Monthly Subscription

Each Month we will tackle just one project, one space - Kitchens, Home Offices, Closets, etc.... for example, in February we'll be tackling the bedroom and master closets. After all, it's a month for romance!  You'll feel more refreshed if you're not looking at piles of bills or laundry. 

It's not overwhelming. Not even for your pocketbook! For less than a gas station coffee you'll get professional help organizing your spaces. Step by step encouragement that is non-judgmental.

$19.99 if you pay annually, (a savings of $3.89 compared to month to month!)

$1.99 to go month to month

or $3.99 to try a single month!

100% Judgment FREE

We really can't say this enough. We understand! You'll get no judgment from us. NONE. EVER. 100% Confidential. We know you have no desire to share your dirty laundry. One of the advantages of the 365 Project is that no one has to know. Your family will certainly notice the changes fast enough, but you don't have to tell them your secret. We can be your private super power. 


Today's the DAY to get started with the easiest way to get ORGANIZED!