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Organizing After Loss: Grief 4 of 4


We've come a long way. This is part four of our series. Thanks for sticking with us. There is nothing easy about losing loved ones. I hope you're collecting your stories and moving forward at your own pace. 

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Organizing After Loss: Grief 2 of 4


In case you missed it, here's the link for Organizing After Loss: Grief Part 1

The videos build on each other so take the time to watch them all.

There will be four total.

That said, the first thing I want you to remember as you go through this is to be gentle with yourself.

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Organizing After Loss: Grief 1 of 4


Hey Beautiful.

If you're reading this than chances are you understand why they say the only constant in this world is death and taxes. There's nothing easy about either.

Sorrow and grief can weigh us down and make the simplest decision harder so of course you're surrounded by stuff that needs you to make decisions.

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