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Time Management: The Best of the Basics!


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Step ONE: Do the biggest nastiest task first. Eat that frog!
I don’t know about you but if I have a big nastiest ugly toad looming over my day…. it makes everything harder. I’ve built it up into something paralyzing. Continue reading

Create Your Office on the GO! Be productive away from Home


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Previously I covered how to use your car as your mobile office and click here if you missed that – but now I want to share with you about working while traveling. It’s more than just being in your car all the time. Continue reading

Create Your Mobile OFFICE! With these 5 tips


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Self Employed business owners know, you never really stop working. Thus the need for a mobile office.

Here I am, heading off to holiday, with work. Good thing I love what I do! So let me share, from my car, loaded like a Tetris game some of the practical things I use to stay productive anywhere. Continue reading