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Image of Testimonials about Spark Organizing and Suzanna Kaye.

What are people saying about the Orlando Organizer,


Suzanna Kaye, of Spark! Organizing Professional Home Organizing

Here are a few comments from current and past clients.

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We serve Orlando, Lakeland, Winter Haven, The Villages, Lady Lake, Tampa, Deltona, and Orange City. We also serve  Seminole County, Orange County, Polk County, Brevard County, Hillsborough County and surrounding areas.

It was worth every penny! The owner called me almost immediately, and we set something up within two days, she was prompt and efficient. Everything you’d expect from an organizational professional! I enjoyed working with her, and I’d love to have her back! We were able to accomplish a great deal in our session, and my experience with her prompted me to continue organizing, and “letting go” of more clutter we were unable to get to together!

– Katherine B., Tampa, FL

Suzanna worked miracles in my apartment last weekend. She transformed my home and office space into a well-organized refuge (which included gentle direction in the painstaking process of de-cluttering and purging irrelevant files objects and photos). Suzanna has a knack for systematically harmonizing utility and space management. I now have an efficient work and living space where I can think more creatively and be more productive. Most importantly, I have been able to maintain the organization we accomplished by applying some of the practical tools she imparted. Suzanna was a delight to work with.

– Jessica B., Orlando, FL


I met Suzie a year ago when I returned to Florida after having been away for Cancer treatment. My House was turned upside down as I thought I would have to move once I returned. My energy level was almost nonexistent, and I didn’t know where to start also, to trust someone with every personal and private thing in my home. Susanna is kind discreet professional and has unbelievable talents for working with what MY life needed. I really cannot say enough as to how she has helped me transform my home and how I feel without the disorganization and clutter. My children and I have so much more time to be with one another now that the house is working for all of us. Thank you, Susanna from the bottom of my heart!!

– Karen Layne

A great service! If you have a storage room, closets, or a garage that needs cleaned out and organized, Suzanna is magnificent. Well, WELL worth the small cost and her ideas are fresh and new and will keep you organized after she’s gone. Couldn’t have asked for a better organizer and will definitely use her again.

– Karen H., Orlando FL


I just want to say a big shout out to Suzanna Kaye Florida Organizer; she is awesome. She can organize anything in a New York minute. She helped me clean out my garage, and storage unit. Thank you, Suzanna. 🙂

– Elaine G., Spring Hill, FL


Suzanna is incredibly talented and creative. When I moved, I lost my craft room until she came along and waved her magic label maker at a walk-in closet in the guest bedroom! I now have a space for crafting comfortably AND storage that is out of the way. Brilliant!!

– Jessica M., Orlando, FL


Sharyl is a patient and pleasant person. I especially like when she continues with the next task if I am still trying to complete my own. Thank you for everything!

– Homeowner in FL


Suzanna is a gem. She goes beyond what you ask for. It was a great decision on my part, and I will use her again. She is dependable and trustworthy.

– Robert K., at Kissimmee, FL


Description Of Work:

Suzanna helped me declutter and organize my house.I was in desperate need and she came in, helped me get a plan for working through all the rooms in the right priority, stayed with me through several Saturdays to sort, discard, and keep only the things I love and need.And she even took all my “discards” with her and delivered them to a charity, returning with tax receipts for me.She helped make my house a home again and I feel at peace coming home each day.I’m even beginning to entertain again.Suzanna knows how to read people and help them where they need it most.She’s no push-over, but she is a hard worker and a great organizer.

Member Comments:

I’m so very happy with the results of our organizing.Suzanna always kept our appointments and even rearranged her schedule when I needed to make a change at the last minute.She was always on time, worked hard the entire time she was with me, and always kept a great attitude, even when I wanted to give up.Suzanna cleaned as we went and she taught me great tips for organizing and keeping the clutter out of the house for good.So many wonderful, simple ideas – that I still use.No more junk mail on my kitchen counters!That alone is a miracle.At first, I thought the cost per hour was high, but I quickly realized that I was getting a bargain.Suzanna works hard and makes every minute of the scheduled time count. I want to contract with her again to have her help my sister organize her house and all her boxes of geneology research.Change is difficult, but Suzanna made it easier and definitely worth all the work.

– Georgia Dodd


My newly organized office space, by the way, is working beautifully 🙂 There is something to be said for a place for everything and everything in its place!

– Heather Morcroft


Cool closet. AND 6 months later the true test of your talents. A reality picture!!!!

– Karen Layne