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Organizing After Loss: Grief Series 2 of 4

Organizing After Loss: Grief Series 2 of 4

In case you missed it, here's the link for Organizing After Loss: Grief Part 1

The videos build on each other so take the time to watch them all.

There will be four total.

That said, the first thing I want you to remember as you go through this is to be gentle with yourself.

Touching things left behind can feel like having to say goodbye over and over again.

The time table to get this done is up to you.

My father in law got it done in four months.

My father is taking his time and slowly over the year dealing with one thing at a time.

I'm pleased that both of them took matters into their own hands and without prompting started the process.

It's not easy.

First things first, start by taking control.

I felt out of control when my mother died so I completely understand this step and agree with Suzanna Kaye that this is where you start.

You decide.

When you're doing this, how you're doing this and how you're going to be gentle with yourself.

This is a process of reviewing who they were.

The essence of them. Who and what they meant to you.

It's okay to not be able to process it all at once.

Start with a wait and see bin for the things you can't yet deal with.

Later just do it anyway but not all in one day.

Small Chunks.

It's often a great idea to not do this alone.

However, a note of experience, let them keep you company don't let them do this for you.

They can't read your mind and will have no idea that something like a tooth brush at the sink is still meaningful to you.

It's okay if you're struggling with that toothbrush.... it's not okay to have someone else deal with it before you're ready.

Let the person with you listen.

Tell them stories.

Stories are good for our hearts.

Telling the stories helps us realize that they were so much more than the pieces they left behind.

I hope we've encouraged you and shown you good ways to take control.

From those of us at Spark!, you have our deepest condolences.