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Organizers Information Hub

Before Client Session

  • Print Forms for Client Signature

    Print two copies of the following forms or the client to sign. Client only needs to sign BOTH of these forms at the first session. Subsequent sessions do not need these forms signed. For more detail view the Manual.

    Spark Photo Video Release

    Spark Client Agreement Master

  • Call or Text Client To Confirm

    Call or text the client to confirm your session the next day. Enter notes in CRM that the confirmation call was made and the results of the call (voicemail, spoke & confirmed, any new info, etc.)

    Zoho CRM

  • Check Technology & Supplies

    Make sure you have the supplies you need restocked in your organizing bag.

    Also, make sure you have your Quickbooks app installed on your phone and that you know your login ID and password. Do a test to log in to the app to make sure it is working.

After Client Session

  • Deposit Check

    If the client paid by check you may either deposit it at a locak Wells Fargo bank (drive-through or walk-in) or online through the Spark Business Banking app or website by Capital One. Do this as soon as possible so the client does not need to wait for the check to clear and remember that they have a check outstanding.

    Wells Fargo Printable Deposit Slip (cut to correct size)

    Spark Business Checking Website


  • Update Notes in CRM

    Update the notes for the client session in the CRM. Incude anything important about the client that you learned, how the session went, what you worked on and if there will be future appointments and what is left to do.


  • Upload Signed Forms and Photos

    Upload your signed client agreement and photo release forms to Google Drive. When uploading make sure to upload to the correct folder (with client forms or before and after photos) and within the folder create a folder with the client name formatted as: Last name, First Name and place the files within that folder.

    For more infomration view the manual.

    Client Signed Forms Folder

    Before and After Photos Folder

  • Invoice Us For Your Time

    Once all other tasks have been completed, invoice us for your time using the JotForm invoice. Invoices will not be paid until checks have been deposited, forms and photos have been uploaded. If you want to also be paid for your Article Information Form this must be submitted as well.

    We aim to pay invoices within 24 hours of receiving everything needed but will definitely be within 48 hours. You may choose to be paid via check by mail or Wells Fargo Surepay. If you do not let us know you prefer a check we will default to paying through SurePay.


Client Feedback Form

Here is the form our office uses to submit feedback received from clients on the phone. We call clients randomly to follow up on how they enjoyed our services.

This form is only for us in the office to use, but feel free to view it to see what types of questions we ask.

Client Feedback Form

Client Feedback Form