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My Devastating Break Up & How I’m Coping.

My Devastating Break Up & How I'm Coping

Video Transcript (basically)
Things were going so well.We spent all our free time together.Always there for me. Then all of a sudden...... We'd started businesses together, planned a wedding, sent a kid off to college. I was so proud of Rory. Then they just left.

It was over.

Life is soooo hard. When Gilmore Girl's ended, I was devastated. They left me.Anyone else that affected by a TV show? Letting those people become the most important people in your life? Because, yeah, we're influenced by what we feed ourselves every day. I was equally upset when Friends ended and Downton Abbey. Firefly.... Oh and for those that know I've recently gotten married? Jeff and I are fine.I'm not alone in this. My assistant Ruth follows Grey's Anatomy, Firefly, Doctor Who. I get upset as each Doctor changes. OH man.... 

In the process of letting these things in, I was losing myself. I forgot who I was outside of watching Lorelai and Rory. I needed their snark to fill my free time.

Knowing myself, I've learned I can't handle dark subjects as much as I might want. If I do that, I stop seeing the joy all around me. It sinks me into a dark place. I can watch Orange is the New Black, slowly but I can't watch Game of Thrones at all.

I almost threw up at Braveheart I was so upset at the end. My father was a little concerned.

Creative types do this by being more connected to human experiences. It can bring you down. Sure we still need to know what's going on in the news but we don't need to focus daily on negative stories in order to be leaders that contact our congressmen.

The News can be poisonous. They are paid to rehash bad negative things. Consider switching to a podcast or google headlines. Tiny tastes from sources you trust. Don't worry about missing out, you'll stay in the loop via word of mouth. Bad news travels fast.

Also, watch for magazines. They can make you feel like you're living in lack. Teaching us that we're not enough the way we are but rather we need new furniture, new whizbangs, and more. I get just two magazines. This keeps negativity from my life. I'm making sure I don't have a message of "you're not enough" bombarding me.

So what I'm really asking today is for you to evaluate, "What are you really letting into your life?"


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