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Create Your Mobile OFFICE! With these 5 tips


Self Employed business owners know, you never really stop working. Thus the need for a mobile office.

Here I am, heading off to holiday, with work. Good thing I love what I do! So let me share, from my car, loaded like a Tetris game some of the practical things I use to stay productive anywhere.

Super simple systems that make it easy to take business with you.

Tip number #1

LOG YOUR MILEAGE! I go old school - a handy dandy mileage log. Attached to my dash - because then I remember it because I'm seeing it. I'm a huge fan of apps but I tend to forget to use them. This has allowed me to save more money in the long run! Do what works for you. Don't be afraid of not being high tech.

Tip number #2

Supplies - never know what I'm going to need, so a visor organizer, holds all my supplies. Post it notes, scissors, charging cables, stapler, nail file, sharpie, wet wipes. (pictures are linked to Amazon if you're interest)
The top pictured visor sorter has pockets - the bottom is the stretchy weave visor. I would also look on Etsy because those are where the colorful creative ones hide.

Tip number #3

BE SAFE! and legal. Hands free is the way to go. I use two phones and then sometimes I'm not the driver - and have to share! so use more than one cell phone holder based on your families needs. Which also includes a handy pouch for essentials.

Lip gloss, more pens, sometimes another phone. You get the idea. Super handy to have right there. Search the term - Car Vent Organizer to find them. Etsy has some super cute ones! HERE's the link, or Amazon....
mobile officemobile office

Tip number #4

You never know what big city traffic is going to serve up as the daily special so I tend to arrive early. Which means I end up everywhere early.  To stay productive I have this next tip, a hard sided case that holds my files, laptop, ipad, extension cord. Plus, two notebooks. An inverter is also super handy. It will plug into a cigarette lighter to then plug in a laptop to charge.

Tip number #5

I'm using a first aid bag, currently they are at Target (2017). It's like a pencil holder for school but has more pockets so it's my go to for a coffee shop meeting. Calculator, hard drive, thumb drive, pens, charging cables, pens, post its and more. The tiny mobile go bag inside the mobile office.

Now, it takes me all of two minutes to grab what I need - and lets me be productive where ever I am!


BIG trash bin for the car! When you live in your car, you make trash. Be prepared! A mobile office is a prepared space!








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