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Fully Experience the JOY of the SEASON!

Fully Experience the JOY of the Season

Do you find yourself missing out on the Joy of the Season due to being run down, over busy, or just blah? You're not alone. For all the sparkle and presents, the Holiday season can be hard.

I previously mentioned the book The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin. Well, she's also the author of The Happiness Project. In that book, she mentions that the secret to fully experiencing happiness has three parts.Anticipation, being in the moment and then looking back with gratitude. Being in the field of professional organizing, I can add that all that is fine and good, but if your spaces are overwhelmed then you will be, too. Regardless of how hard you try to be in the moment.

How can you tell if your spaces are sucking all the JOY out of you?

Easily enough. Next time you're out, get into a peaceful frame of mind and then consciously step into your space.  Let yourself be open and listen to how you feel. Stepping into your home, are you welcome? Do you want to turn and leave?

Concentrate on the space, ignoring the people in it for the moment. Sure, we all have moments when the family we adore makes us want to leave.

That's completely normal.

It's not normal, however, for your house to send you the message that it's too full and there's no room left for life.

In other videos and blog posts, I give tips on how to downsize and focus on JOY in your spaces. So this time I'm not going to tell you the how to fix the problem, but rather to identify if you have a problem.

Studies have shown that being overwhelmed in a space can affect your waistline. Those same studies encourage us by saying that when we hit the right balance of a peaceful space with room to grow, those same test subjects had a reversal of growing waistlines and effortlessly lost weight. That's right, clutter can make you FAT!!


Not only could your space be robbing you of JOY, it could be making you FAT! The flip side is you'll be happier, and skinnier if your spaces are in order. experience joy

Experience more JOY this SEASON by simply being aware of your surrounding and taking out the junk! Then put Gretchen's happiness project into play. Delight in your newly uncovered spaces and be grateful for the journey!

Leave me a comment down below, about your experiences with overwhelming spaces that have robbed you of joy.

Should you need any help with this,

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