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About Spark Organizing

Learn all about the Spark! Organizing Team

Spark! Organizing is a team of home organizing specialists. We’re highly professional, trained and caring home organizers. We work with a broad range of clients.

Our team specializes in organizing for those who are:

  • overwhelmed
  • going through a life transition (divorce, illness)
  • suffering from depression
  • working with complicated moves
  • or facing other challenging circumstances.

Suzanna Kaye

Owner & Professional Organizer

Image of Suzanna Kaye of Spark Organizing

Suzanna is a professional organizer filled with purpose and passion. After years of work as an educator, business manager, CFO and Professional Organizer, she created Spark! Organizing, LLC, formerly A Space That Works Professional Organizing.

Although she has always held positions that required high organizational skills – she was not born organized. Proof positive that if you truly work at it, and with the right tricks, anyone can become more organized!

(There are SO many tips to share!)

Throughout her young adult life, Suzanna struggled with organization. Through studies, training, and research she learned how a “clutter-bug” who never seemed to have enough time or energy for anything could become happy, productive and at peace.

Childhood image of Suzanna Kaye of Spark Organizing

That is what drives her – to help others overcome the same obstacles she had to fight so hard to master. By sharing what she has learned and the resources she has found Suzanna loves her time with each client.

Before starting Spark Organizing, Suzanna trained in organizing for disabilities and ADD/ADHD. She also worked with special needs children. She did so as an Assistant Teacher in the Autism and Special Education class in both an elementary and high school.

Suzanna specializes in organizing for those suffering from depression, ADD/ADHD, disabilities and other circumstances. She works with clients to counter the negative impacts of these issues and create good organizational habits.

Tricia Brunson

Orlando Home Organizer

Image of Tricia Brunson of Spark Organizing

Tricia is motivated by a desire to help people, especially those who are challenged in the area of being organized. Her priority is to work with clients compassionately, helping them to gain a sense of control over their environment. She thoroughly enjoys organizing and feels it is a productive opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

Tricia is keen on thrift shopping, reading, music, movies, and spending time with friends and family. She also has a passion for interior decorating with modern furniture and decor from the mid-century era.

Sharyl Mock

Orlando Home Organizer

Sharyl has always found great satisfaction in having a neat and organized space. It’s long been her dream to help others in achieving this same satisfaction in their life.

After years of working in the Mental Health field and teaching Psychology, it was time for her to pursue her dream of helping others create an organized lifestyle. Her goal is to help people get their life back from the stuff that’s taken over, so they can enjoy the things they love with the people they love.

When she’s not out organizing, she loves to travel to new places, play with her dog Reese, and complete DIY projects.

Eileen Lombardo

Ocala & The Villages Home Organizer

Eileen was born the last of eight children in a tiny four bedroom New York home. She created peace out of chaos by organizing. After organizing the home, Eileen would de-clutter the garage just for fun. She went on to manage a collection company with 300 employees and ran the day-to-day operations of a busy medical facility for seniors.

Her unique talent is the ability to walk into a room and instantly visualize the final product and how to get there. Many have described this as creating a reality from pure intuition, artistry, and passion. Your living space will be yours again!

Rebecka Drake

Tampa & Lakeland Home Organizer

Rebecka enjoys improving the lives of clients by helping them achieve a space that works for them. Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment that she feels when leaving them with a harmonious and functional home or office.

Everyone’s surroundings affect the way they feel and function. Being well organized will increase productivity and improve mood. Removing clutter and simplifying spaces, reduces stress and leaves clients in control.

Her goal for each and every client is to help create a functional environment and leave them with a sense of peace.