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Organizing After Loss: Grief Series 1 of 4

Organizing After Loss: Grief Series 1 of 4

Hey Beautiful.

If you're reading this than chances are you understand why they say the only constant in this world is death and taxes. There's nothing easy about either.

Sorrow and grief can weigh us down and make the simplest decision harder so of course you're surrounded by stuff that needs you to make decisions.


When faced with a recent loved ones possessions there are so many things that can go wrong. So many ways we can be overwhelmed in the moment. Which is why it is so understandable that many times we simply pack it away to deal with another day when the grief isn't so fresh.

However, the day comes when the stuff needs to be dealt with. Do this at your own pace, in your time. No rush. No judgment.

It's okay to leave out stuff in the bathroom. You're not crazy for not wanting to put away your love. It's totally part of the process.

Give your heart the space it needs to process. One of the ways we make space to move on though is to make space in our physical spaces. Which might look like packing up a closet. Or downsizing boxes in the garage. This new created space makes room for healing to come.

Watch Suzanna Kaye professional organizer as she offers professional advice and non-judgmental hope.

Whether you need to be alone or you need someone to simply sit with you, consider asking for help. Of Course, Spark! is here for you but your family wants to be with you through this. Set boundaries, plop them in a chair and tell them their job is simply to sit there. It's okay and often better that they don't make any decisions for you.

Facing this is very brave. You are brave. You are going to be okay. Making room for your heart to heal takes courage.


Suzasuzanna kaye, florida organizernna Kaye is a professional organizer and owner of Spark! Organizing, LLC.

She has special experience with organization for office, financial, ADD/ADHD, elderly, disabled, overwhelmed and special needs. With the belief that cluttered people are some of the most creative and interesting people she knows, she loves working with her clients in a supportive and loving environment. For more information about Suzanna visit our about us page, email or call 321-234-5499

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