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Gifts for Teens

10 Gifts to Organize Your Teen!

Almost A Video Transcript

Your teens have outgrown their toys but that doesn't mean they are keeping their spaces neat.

While it's easy enough to buy for them, teens need to be taught just like everyone else what to do with their cord vomit. Your teen might need help organizing makeup or sharpies. Perhaps, watches, cords, or legos. Legos are still cool right? (Just say yes, they're always cool in my book.)

These are not in any special order just so you know. I mention in the video where to get these items, most of them are available on Amazon. However, I'm not an affiliate of these products and I haven't linked to them this time cause I want you to stay here.... and not click away.


1. Cord Organizier. Frankly, we all need one of these.

2.Sprocket HP photo printer. These are tons of fun!

3.Solar Powered Backpack. Useful for powering phones and laptops this is a great lifesaver! My guy has one and loves it.

4. Music for the Car - an FM / bluetooth transmitter. Get them in the habit of not using their phones while driving. Use a separate divice.

5.Custom Lighting. For their TV, computer monitor, headboard, whatever. Get creative!

6.Cell phone magnet. Either with a dashboard connector or a air vent magnet these are genius. Consider getting more magnets because you can put them on the wall outside the shower, by the bed, on the wall to create a charging station. It's only a matter of your ingeniuity!

7.Echo spot. Get them to put their phones on a charger outside of their room to encourage sleep. Give them a spot instead. They can't check social feeds in the middle of the night but have access to tons still.

8.Make-up bag. This one is for the teen that isn't into the little pockets. I love sorting and having each thing in it's place but it's not for everyone. Doesn't mean they have no option though.

9. Pop Socket or phone ring. Avoid dropping your phone! Free your hands to carry other things. Afterall, those skinny jeans either have fake pockets or are just too skinny.

10.Music light bulbs. These are great! Check out the video if you're not sure what this is. My grocery store, Publix carries them they are so popular.

Suzanna Kaye is a professional organizer and owner of Spark! Organizing, LLC.

suzanna kaye, florida organizer

She has special experience with organization for office, financial, ADD/ADHD, elderly, disabled, overwhelmed and special needs. With the belief that cluttered people are some of the most creative and interesting people she knows, she loves working with her clients in a supportive and loving environment.

For more information about Suzanna visit our about us page, email or call 321-234-5499

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