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How to Make A Simple Emergency Go Bag

How to Make A

Simple Emergency Go Bag

Now, I’m good with words and I could just tell you how but why tell you when I have this adorable little video? It really couldn’t be any easier.go bag

Wrap a pen, or in this case a little flashlight with a bit of tape. Gaffe tape and painters tape don’t leave heavy residue but duct tapes work here too!

Safety pins and binder clips solve all kinds of mishaps.

Bandaids, of course.

All tucked into a cute little bag. Tuck this in your car’s glove box, your suitcase’s side pocket, your purse, or even give it as a gift!


Cute right?

Now you’re ready for most emergency situations! Not a zombie attack though, you’ll need more for that.

If I made this for my daughter I’d add a hair tie and some tic tacs. For a friend, I might pick a fancier bag. A small pill case or tiny ziploc bag with tylenol is also a good addition for those prone to headaches.

Post pics of your little bag in the comments! I’d love to see it.

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