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Create Your Office with DIY Solutions!


Do it yourself or DIY, I just love these words. My inner toddler screams in delight, "Yes! I can do it!". Giddy with power I dive into DIY projects. Many of them are a thing of beautiful. Just many, not all. Some are less than spectacular.

Today's are not less, in fact today's offerings are brilliant!

Easy to do, easy to put together, and easy to use. Which in an office might be the most important part. After all, the best systems to have in your office, are the systems you understand and use!


I don't know about you but I have limited space.

Which simply requires a bit more creativity! I'm also a renter which means I'm always looking for solutions that don't leave marks on the wall and can move with me to my next location.

As if that wasn't enough, traditional storage just doesn't work for me. I can set up a traditional filing cabinet for a client but it does not suite my needs. I'm an out of sight - out of mind kind of person. If I can't see it, I can't use it. Or remember I have it for that matter. I need flexibility and personality.

With that in mind, here are some of the items I talk about in the video. Be sure to actually watch the video, it's packed with information that would make this post far to long if I listed them all!

Hanging Classroom Organizer

Post it tape and a sharpie

Magazine holders


Rocket Book - link these to services like drop box / onedrive / etc.... it's genius

Over the door shoe organizer - always use the ones with clear pockets so you don't need a label maker. I set those up for all my clients. (I did a whole blog post on this idea! It's a winner in just about every room)

A Networking Purse - biz cards, note cards, name badge, pens, etc.... just for the networking event. Lives in my office and it's super handy to have ready to go. Now I'm prepared to Network!

I even have an area for my doggies.

It's good to have them with me when I work and they need a designated office, create your office

Use storage solutions that inspire you and bring you joy. Nothing has to match unless that brings you joy. It's amazing how we can find items that we love, that can be what we need even if that's not quite how it was intended.

Whatever makes you happy - is right.

Just keep creating joy in your space! Whether you work at home or in a professional office, surround yourself with things that function and make you smile.


Check out our NEW SERVICE!

Maintenance Service - for those that don't need full on organizing but help putting things away. Help with putting away the stuff on the counter, putting the laundry away, hanging the picture that has languished in the corner. Sending out RSVP's, calling the utility company for that thing you keep forgetting or that discount you know you should be getting. Find all the details on our Services Page - Maintenance Service