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A Wandering List

A Wandering List

Ruth Zeman

My daughter has dyslexia. It's not a surprise as both my husband and I have it. It's not something I struggle with now because I've learned how to see things in a way that is functional. Working with the school system was hard though. Many teachers didn't understand and thought it was something to be fixed. 

Until we had a teacher that understood. I'll never forget what she said. "Dyslexia is like an eye color. It's not something that's going to change and it doesn't really make you different. Katie simply sees purple grapes when the rest of us see a list. Who's to say she's not seeing it more clearly?"

That was the year Katie started succeeding in school. We had someone on our team who wasn't correcting us but encouraging and supporting us.

It makes all the difference.

While many schools across the country don't recognize dyslexia as real we learned that there are many types. Katie has what's called, Organization Dyslexia. I have the classic turn things backward problem she can't seem to see pairs. Or understand the organization of a paragraph. She often tells a story from the middle first.

Yet, we've learned it's her genius. It makes her views interesting and intriguing. She is in no way handicapped. Although, when we hit algebra we did wonder what was going to happen because algebra is all about doing things one step after the other.


Suzanna Kaye, Professional Organizer Presents:

As adults, we don't have to do most things in order. You can brush your teeth in the morning before your shower. In the evenings or even both times a day. It only matters that you're taking care of your teeth.

It's not ALGEBRA.

So start looking at your project lists, your to-do lists, your menu for a week in a new way. You don't have to write it down in a line, well okay, you do if it's digital. I haven't figured out drawing on my phone as a note yet. I do like to make chore trees on notepads though. This is a quick and easy way to let my kids know - here are the things we need to get done. In no special order.

It's genius. It takes the pressure off and lets you pick what to do when. For Rebel personality types this is necessary to get a task completed. Otherwise the minute we say "It has to get DONE" we don't wanna. For Obliger's it helps the team know how to rally around and help. (I'm using the personality types from the book The Four Tendencies FYI - Find out why I love this book HERE)

So take a load off. Work how you want to. Let your productivity soar!

Tell me how much you love this idea in the comments!

Suzanna Kaye is a professional organizer and owner of Spark! Organizing, LLC.


suzanna kaye, florida organizer

She has special experience with organization for office, financial, ADD/ADHD, elderly, disabled, overwhelmed and special needs. With the belief that cluttered people are some of the most creative and interesting people she knows, she loves working with her clients in a supportive and loving environment.

For more information about Suzanna visit our about us page, email or call 321-234-5499


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