“It’s true! When you encouraged me to simply read the emails everyday a few weeks back, it helped give me the gusto I needed! Now, my linen closet is close to being transformed!!! Thank you! 😁❤️”

- Holly, Mind Your Home member

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Do you think if you change the way you think, It could change your home?


Did you ever wonder why those organizing books, magazines and tv shows haven't worked? Why your closet gets cluttered a month after you totally organized it? 

Have you told yourself you have...

  • Not enough time
  • Not enough storage space
  • A family of chimpanzees who don't help

What if these aren't the real problem? 

What if something else is missing? 

What if you could change the way you think - while also taking baby steps to create a peaceful home?

You've read organizing books and Pinterest boards, 

but it just doesn't seem to work for you. 

Do you ever...

  • Buy something because you can't find it in your home?
  • Feel too tired to even get started organizing?
  • Look at your disorganized space, get overwhelmed and walk away?
  • Feel embarassed about having people over?
  • Watch TV instead of cleaning up?
  • Feel like you'll never have it al together?
  • Wish you had it all together like other people seem to?

You want to have it all together like other people, but you don't know how they do it. 

Well, I have their secret. And I've got your back. 

This struggle isn't new, and you're not alone.

I'm Suzanna Kaye

Professional Organizer, former Clutter Queen  

I know this program works - because it has worked for thousands of clients I've coached and organized. 

And it worked for me. 

OK, so here’s the confession: I wasn’t born organized.  

In fact, I was born a Hot Mess when it came to keeping my stuff and space together. And it wasn’t until I reached college that I realized how much it was holding me back. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, lack of focus, relationships were difficult and I had an overall feeling of being overwhelmed. I thought I was broken. I simply wasn’t the type who could get organized.

Thankfully, I was wrong! Everyone can get organized. Seriously. The key is finding what works for you. And it was many years later that I was able to learn ways to organize myself and create a new mindset that worked for me.  

You see, organizing wasn’t a popular topic back then, so all I had to go on was a stack of traditional organizing books telling me things like “only touch it once” and “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Great advice, but my mind wasn’t there.  

I’m not the traditional analytic, logical thinker. My brain is more like a box of kittens who’ve been fed 10 espressos. Beyond creative and distractible. I needed a mental shift that made sense to me, along with super simple how-to steps. So, I created it!  

It’s why I fell into teaching organizing. Over 20 years later, I had not only created a strong way of thinking about my home and my things, but I’ve re-created the systems and tools to help my one on one organizing clients.  

I took myself from thinking and feeling guilty about getting organized (while drowning the guilt with a frozen pizza and Gilmore Girls marathon) to an organizing & productivity coach who loves diving into an organizing project at home. And my home stays organized with little thought from me.  

All thanks to the mental shift and creating a 

bite-sized program I could succeed at.

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So, what's this magic spell? 

It's not really magic, it just seems that way. Here's how it works:

  • Read one quick email a day (A concept, mental shift or bite-sized task. To keep your new way of thinking top of mind. Just a paragraph or so. Super easy.)
  • Do a bite-sized task (We're talking 15 minutes or less usally. Do as many as you can.)
  • Connect with others (Your own members-only Facebook group. A safe space full of inspirations, ideas and encouragement. From people on the same journey as you. No judgment or negativity - ever.)
  • Resources & tutorials at your fingertips (Your own online library with copies of the daily emails, task tracking, room by room checklists, bonus checklists, tutorials and resources and everything you could need to succeed.)
  • Four one on one video calls with Suzanna Kaye* (Exclusive access to me - with four (4) 60-minute private virtual coaching sessions. Work past overwhelm, get a plan to create more space or talk about cats and Doctor Who Whatever you need!)
  • A detailed action plan for your most overwhelming space* (A one hour video planning call to design a personalized printable PDF Action Plan including a design sketch of your space layout, a list of products with links to purchase, a step by step plan of action checklists and personal guidance.)
  • Unlimited email access to Suzanna Kaye* (Ask questions, get ideas, send a photo for help or send me a funny gnome meme. However I can help!)

And you can get Mind Your Home for 

LESS THAN ONE organizing session with a Professional Organizer. 

Serioulsy - that's like the cost of organizing one walk in closet. For a permanent change in your home. 

So, why does this work?

Why is it different from that organizing book you bought (that you’ve since misplaced somewhere…)? 

Or that re-organization you did last month (that you worked so hard on and are afraid you’ll slip back to laundry piles and missing socks?)  

Mind Your Home focuses on the root of clutter. 

Your thoughts and beliefs. 

Yes, it has little daily tasks you can do that will help you gain control of your spaces. But the REAL change comes just by reading a short email each day. And thinking about it a bit. Then getting on with your day.  

That’s it! That’s why it’s a year-long program. A drip method for your brain. 

It’s a scientific fact: What we’re exposed to repeatedly (thoughts, ideas, emotions) we begin to integrate into ourselves. A super-simplified behavioral psychology thing. But what it means is, if you spend a year thinking in a new way for a few minutes every day, you’ll eventually start to think that way all day. Every day. And your behaviors will follow.  

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Hear it from our members...

"I really appreciated the bite-sized information. Just enough useful tidbits to be see a difference without being overwhelming."  

- Karla K., Mind Your Home member

“I cannot explain how frustrated I have felt when I just could not manage to consistently keep a tidy home. I could clean and tidy but in a day or 2, it always returned back to a state of disarray. I felt like there must be something wrong with me. It seemed like this skill came naturally to the rest the world!  

In just a few short weeks of being a part of this group, I have learned organizing skills are taught and that it is more than just a skill, but a new decision-making process also! I am so very grateful to Suzanna and the new friends I am making in the group. All of your sharing and support has been so appreciated!  

As embarrassing and awful as this may sound... it is so comforting to know I am not the only one that struggles with this. I am not alone! From the bottom of my heart... thank you all!”  

- Cheryl, Mind Your Home member

Will this work for me?

Mind Your Home is perfect if you're.... 

  • overwhelmed 
  • don’t have time  
  • don’t know where to start 
  • hate organizing 
  • can’t let go of things easily 
  • have a hard time making decisions on stuff 
  • have read books and articles on organizing but they don’t work 
  • wish you just had a magic wand 

If you’re someone who really wants a more peaceful and positive home but you just don’t know how to get there. 

Mind Your Home was created for YOU.

Mind Your Home

Change your thoughts to change your home