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1 Trick That Will Change How You Organize Forever!

1 Trick That Will Change How You Organize Forever!

Author: Ruth Zeman
Wouldn't it be great if you had an effortlessly organized, clean home? That's the dream, yet our reality is filled with children who can't get with the program, husbands, spouses, parents, and pets that act surprised that they are part of the problem. 

So how does anyone manage to have an organized and clean space?

I'm guessing they were abducted by aliens and reprogrammed perhaps. Or possibly they simply have a productive mental illness. Is there such a thing and can I catch one? I have two teenagers, a husband, and a 40lb boxador which just means she looks like a labrador with the energy of a destructive toddler, or boxer. The dog alone is hard to keep contained.When it thunders outside she cowers but not before bringing me all of her toys. Surrounded by a pile of chewed on things, this 40lb dog then decides to either sit on me or under my recliner. Neither plan ever truly works. Since it rains pretty much daily in Florida during the summer I was starting to think a clean and organized living room or office was just a dream fancy people got to have.Enter Suzanna Kaye, Professional Organizer. She's changing lives for the better by teaching this one simple trick. Watch the video below to learn more.   

Did you catch that?

The trick is repetition. The act of repeating one thing over and over again. We literally learned this in grade school and most of us didn't even realize what was happening.

You probably even caught that as adults we are still being trained that way. Through daily exercise, gratitude journaling, Bible Studies, military training and more. I know that I personally find those to be very useful practices in my life. If exercise wasn't a small daily consistent thing, I wouldn't bother.

However, just like exercise, small things add up to big changes.

The 365 project is teaching exactly this way and I'll give you one of their daily actions / thoughts right now. When you enter a space, realize that you stop seeing it. When you want to truly see what a space in your home or office looks like, take a picture. It helps your brain see it in a fresh and new way.

Now instead of automatically dismissing common messes that your brain stopped seeing, you get to see in living color what you've been ignoring.

Easy to do, yet helps you be more productive immediately.

I took this idea and used it to help me proof posts. I tried using Google to read the documents I've written back to me. While I can easily just read what I meant to write, Google reads only what is actually there. This allows me to hear my mistakes and take the appropriate action. I immediately feel smarter for doing this.

Try it.

What changes would you like to see? Are you ready to take some tiny mental steps to see Big Changes?


My 365 Project

Small Changes that have Big Results! Have a clean and organized home this year.

Suzanna Kaye is a professional organizer and owner of Spark! Organizing, LLC.

suzanna kaye, florida organizer

She has special experience with organization for office, financial, ADD/ADHD, elderly, disabled, overwhelmed and special needs. With the belief that cluttered people are some of the most creative and interesting people she knows, she loves working with her clients in a supportive and loving environment.

For more information about Suzanna visit our about us page, email or call 321-234-5499